Lewis Joss is an Award Winning Magician who performs at many different events across the UK and abroad. As a Member of The Magic Circle and Equity, Lewis has been seen by thousands and is highly rated by many.

Lewis started performing magic at the early age of 6 after being taught a few tricks from his Grandad, he then became very interested in magic and used to ask for magic box sets for Christmas. Lewis then began performing magic to family and friends. At the age of 10 Lewis joined The Magic Circle Youth Initiative. This is where Lewis perfected his craft.

Many years later, with the experience from hundreds of shows up his sleeve, Lewis now gets booked regularly to perform at places from the Royal Air Force Club & Hyde Park in London, to Italy.

So far in Lewis' magic career he has worked on T.V productions with the late Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee, taken part in T.V adverts for Channel 5's remake of Minder with Shane Richie and regularly performs for clients such as Thomson Holidays, Talkback Thames, SCA, Toys "R" Us & Mercedes-Benz. Lewis is the Northamptonshire Close Up Magician 2017.

Lewis, aged 6, reading 'a starter kit for wizards'.

Watch showreel below...