Hiring a Close Up Magician for your Event

In most events, people like to see the magic. Among many other forms, close up magic is the type in which very intimate audience are present in from of the magician at a really close distance of almost ten feet. The close up magician normally performs the magic while sitting on the chair. The hand manipulation tricks are performed to swindle the audience in a very clear manner. There are many famous close-up magicians whose services can be accessed to entertain the people coming to your parties and events.

Settings where close up magic is performed

As it is clear that this type of magic is commonly in very intimate form, so there is just a small gathering where it is performed. Just, for example, you can hire a close-up magician for a wedding, birthday party, or a dinner, where people can enjoy the magic by observing it from a small distance. There is more informal feel where the magician can even interact with the audience.

Tricks used in close up magic

There can be many tricks depending on the ability of magician which can be performed in a close-up magic show. Most common of them are the sleight of hand and flourish. You must have observed some people performing sleight of hand in your locality or local functions. In this technique basically, the magician deceive the audience by manipulating the small objects. These small objects can be coins or cards. In the other technique which is called flourish, the audience is not deceived. This is actually a skill and it is somewhat close to juggling. The combination of different objects such as pens, balls, cups, coins and cards are used to entertain the audience.

Interesting things about close-up magic

The close-up magician performs these magic forms in a really relaxed manner. The audience really enjoys this, especially the feel of watching this kind of show from such a small distance. The tricks leave the mouths of people open in astonishment. Their reactions are worth looking. The main thing that matters ere is the confidence level of the magician. If he is performing the magic confidently the audience will definitely enjoy it. Some of the magicians also claim to provide the money back if the show is not worthy. So it is necessary to see a show if this style at least once for fun.