Hiring a Close-up Magician?


On the off chance that you are arranging an occasion, regardless of the event, have you wondered about employing a conjurer to divert your visitors? This little how-to guide gives all of you of the data you have to arrange your gathering with lots of fun! Performers are exceptionally flexible for a wide range of occasions and can make incredible wedding or supper party amusement.

Close-up magic is entertainment performed in a intimate setting for the most part close to three meters from one's crowd and is normally performed while the audience are sitting at a table, i.e. amid a wedding breakfast or at a work supper. In any case, close-up magic can likewise be performed standing up, where Lewis will blend in with your visitors and perform marvels. 

Lewis normally performs 2-3 hours of close-up enchantment at his occasions yet he can perform from 1 to however long is needed. The best kind of occasions for close-up magic are; Weddings, Anniversary's, House party's, Adult Birthday Party's, Work Dinners, Product Launches, Trade Shows, Clubs and Restaurants. However in the event that your occasion is not there, close-up magic may in any case be ideal for the event. The best thing to do is to simply tap on the contact tab and ask.