How can I book Lewis?

Simply click on the contact page, on which you can fill out a booking enquiry form. Then one of the team will get back to you (usually within 15 minutes).

Is Lewis a member of The Magic Circle?

Yes, Lewis was a member of the Young Magicians Club at The Magic Circle from the age of 10 for 8 years and then he was promoted to a mentor, to help teach younger magicians how to perform. Lewis then passed an examination and is now a member of the worlds most prestigious magic society -

The Magic Circle.



Is Lewis insured?

Yes, just in case Lewis makes your watch disappear and can't bring it back, he has £10m Public Liability Insurance and is a member of Equity. Click here for PLI certificate.


How far will Lewis travel?

Lewis is based in Bedfordshire, but he performs all over the UK and abroad. He has performed in places such as France, New York City and Malta. Travel costs are always kept to a minimum.

How reliable is Lewis?

Upon booking Lewis you will be sent an official confirmation of the booking which includes all of the details of your event. Lewis always arrives looking smart and is very professional, he never drinks alcohol or smokes at any event. To date Lewis has never been late to an event.

What if Lewis is ill and can't make it to our event?

Lewis is only human (believe it or not) and should he be taken ill, one of our team will contact and arrange an excellent magician to get the job covered - no problems. Our team will only contact professionals Lewis knows and has worked with. To date Lewis has never had to pass on an event due to being ill (touch wood).

We want to book, but have not decided on times yet. Is this OK?

No problem. As soon as you have a date in mind, contact us and we will pencil the booking in. If Lewis receives another booking for the same day, we will contact you to see if you have decided on a time and we will work the second booking around that. All bookings are taken on a first come first served basis.

What kind of events / functions does Lewis perform at?

Lewis can perform at pretty much any event but the usual events are; Wedding's, Wedding Anniversary's, Birthday Party's, Christening's, Fêtes, Work Dinners, Schools, Family Fun Day's, Trade Shows, House Party's, Product Launches, Christmas Party's and New Year's Eve Party's. Basically any event with people there! If you're unsure, just call +44 7708 942091 and ask.

How can we tell if the magic is going to be any good?

Take a good look around the website and you'll see lots of pictures of Lewis performing, which catch the audiences reactions. Have a flick through the long list of companies which have booked Lewis or read some personal feedback from some of his many previous clients. If you request it, Lewis can also get you in touch with previous clients so you can talk to them yourself.

There are no prices on the website, why not?

There is no price list on the website because prices are dependent on the above factors and every event is quoted fairly on its own merit and requirements. The best thing to do is to click on the contact page and fill out an enquiry form.

How can we pay?

Payment can be made via BACS / transfer, Paypal or cheque before the performance date. Alternatively cash or Chip and Pin payments can be made on the performance date.


What magic does Lewis perform for close-up?

Answering that would spoil the magic, Lewis uses a lot of his own small props to perform but he also uses borrowed items to perform magic! Let's just say it's all very visual, there's a lot of skill involved, it's extremely engaging and there is a lot of patter (He talks a lot!). Don't worry there will be no dodgy silks, magic wands or glitter. Click here for more info.

What's the stage magic like?

Lewis' stage show is aimed at adults and uses lots of audience participation, slight adult humour, fire, a glamorous assistant and maybe even a little bit of hypnosis. Stage shows use include the use of cards to a big fire box illusion. Click here for more info.

How long does Lewis perform for?

How ever long you want. Usually 1-3 hours, but sometimes people book Lewis for a whole day, at a trade show for example. If unsure, just ask Lewis and he'll try his best to give you some advice on how long you may want.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Bookings can be taken up to 14 months in advanced, the earlier you book the more likely Lewis is to be free. It doesn't hurt to enquire as soon as you know, that said if you've left it late please do contact as Lewis may still be available.

Does Lewis work on his own?

Lewis usually performs on his own unless you book him for a stage show, in which there may be a female assistant. Lewis also has a male assistant and a manager, Richard who helps deal with the paper work, emails and his busy schedule.