Hire a Magician – 7 Reasons why you should NOT!


1) You wish for your guests to feel awkward

We’ve all turned up to a event with people that we don’t know, sat in the corner only speaking to the friend that we came with. If you love this feeling of awkward tension, then you definitely don’t want to hire a magician who’s sole purpose is to break the ice and get guests talking!

2) You want guests to be restless for the lulls in your schedule

If you enjoy hearing the same small talk over and over again, love doing nothing but listening to long speeches and fiddling with your cutlery, then you definitely don’t want someone to make all that disappear.

3) You don’t fancy hearing clapping, laughter and gasps on the day

Everyone loves a moment of silence and if you want your event to be one of these moments then steer clear of magicians because they will get all of your guests involved and in the mood to party. 

4) You don’t want your guests to have a special time

Picture the scene – it’s your event. What a sickening thought that your guests will be enjoying the day as much as you will. How awful would it be knowing that there is a smartly dressed magician helping everyone to mingle and chat to each other.

5) You can't wait for your event to be the same as every other event

Why would anyone want a day to remember? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the event memories merged, if your event was the same as any other. That’s right, it would be dreadful if there was a surprise for your guests – how shocking would it be if there was a trained magician, pickpocket and mindreader in the room to make your event different from any other…

6) You demand some dull moments with no atmosphere!

If there is one thing your guests are looking forward to at your event, I bet we can guess what it is, drumroll please….. no entertainment! Luckily for you no magician means a lot less smiling.

7) You're excited for the struggle of everyone getting to know each other

Don’t you just love being thrown onto a table with people you don’t know. Wanting to look at people because you think you know them from somewhere but you don’t quite know where. Well this is all made twice as difficult when you don’t have a magician to intervene, so enjoy that.

Now that we've been quite sarcastic it's obvious that you need a professional, reliable and entertaining magician to break the ice and blow your guests minds!
Hire a magician

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    This is great. I love it. LOL

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